Benzene line – Equipment for Radiocarbon Dating: Technology, SetUp and training.

Benzene line is equipment and technology. It serves to produce benzene sample used for C-14 counting by Liquid Scintillation Counting (LSC) if conventional radiocarbon dating used. Benzene line offered includes set of equipment shipment, laboratory installation and staff training. Benzene line is based on vacuum pyrolysis technology and cryogenic approach for gas transport and conversion. It serves for conversion of datable carbon to: lithium carbide > acetylenebenzene. Technology includes processing, conversion, transport and purification of above mentioned substances. In addition we developed and produced modern Teflon vials for counting of benzene by LSC.

Besides on site we had placed information about application of benzene line as part of conventional radiocarbon dating laboratory, we had described its applicability for dating of archaeological pottery.