Capsule technology in Benzene Line

Capsule technology.

It was designed for direct obtaining of acetylene from very small samples of organic matter or carbonates. It allows producing benzene from very small quantities of acetylene (as low as 0.05 g) with the overall chemical yield higher than 92% for organic samples and higher than 96% for carbonates.

Organic sample scheme.

Carbonate sample scheme.


1. Vadim V Skripkin, Nikolai N Kovaliukh. Production Of Lithium Carbide From Very Small Organic And Carbonate Samples For Liquid Scintillation Radiocarbon Analysis. ZESZYTY NAUKOWE POLITECHNIKI SLASKIEJ – 1996. Seria: MATEMATYK A-FIZYKA z. 79. GEOCHRONOMETRIA 13. Nr kol. 1330
2. Michael Buzinny&VadimSkripkin. Newly Designed 0.8-ML Teflon Vial for Micro-volume Radiocarbon Dating.RADIOCARBON. Vol 37, No 2 (1995) PP. 743-747

Video set:

1. Capsule technology : benzene line : mount and how it looks like
2. Capsule technology : benzene line : hydrolysis from begining
3.Capsule technology : benzene line : remove residual acetylene
4.Capsule technology : benzene line : prepare (replace) catalyst
5.Capsule technology : benzene line : start of benzene synthesis
6.Capsule technology : benzene line : place lithium and sample
7.Capsule technology : benzene line : argon welding
8.Capsule technology : benzene line : place capsule to reaction vessel : beginning of synthesis

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