Recent progress in development and application of new performances Teflon vials for radiocarbon LS counting.

As it was stated (Robert M Kalin and Austin Long, 1989) traditional Teflon vials may have limitation like they are time consuming and may require individual calibration in series and benzene leakage limited. Glass vials (A. G. HOGG, 1992) will cover wide range of benzene volume measured (0.3 Ml to 10 Ml), when 10 Ml vials are most applicable for precise measurement of radiocarbon and when 0.3 Ml vials are suitable to provide accurate results with adequate precision for many applications, for samples containing 120-240 mg of carbon. Our developments (Michael Buzinny and Vadim Skripkin) create of two parts 0.8 Ml Teflon vial with different holder which have quite good performances described above. Now we offer most recently developed (Skripkin, unpublished) super performance Teflon vials are long durability, simple in use with different volumes: 0.8 Ml, 1.5 Ml, 2.5 Ml, 4.0 Ml 7.0 Ml with extra Low benzene leakage.

In addition application of underground laboratory (Wolfango Plastino and Lauri Kaihola) can significantly decrease counting background.


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4. Michael Buzinny and Vadim Skripkin. Newly Designed 0.8-ML Teflon Vial For Micro-Volume Radiocarbon Dating.RADIOCARBON. Vol 37, No 2 (1995) PP. 743-747

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